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Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte.

Innovative and functional graphic design is an integral component of a professional, high-quality layout and website. JAPANLAYOUT pays close, discriminating attention to the differences in print and screen design, always taking into account the output medium. Our services include:

design, final artwork and creation of graphics, including Japanese characters and fonts

creation of illustrations and drawings

design and creation of presentations (PowerPoint, Acrobat, color transparencies, etc.), including transforming existing presentations into Japanese versions

digital image editing

scanning of templates

conversion of and delivery in (virtually) all formats

Japanisches Grafikdesign ist anders als westliches Design.

Japanese characters are pictograms. These graphic elements have decisively shaped the Japanese visual perception. Therefore, in some aspects, Japanese graphic design differs considerably from western design which is not necessarily suitable for the Japanese market. Adaptation to Japanese visual customs is thus highly recommended in many cases.

When creating a graphic design, JAPANLAYOUT always takes the target group being addressed into consideration.

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