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Am Anfang der Gestaltung steht das Layout.

Creating layouts, multilingual typographic typesetting with Japanese fonts and characters, and products for both print and screen media, JAPANLAYOUT offers a comprehensive service spectrum covering each step of the process:

format conversion from conventional Macintosh and Windows DTP software

layouts and typographic typesetting of western and Japanese texts, as well as mixed-language texts

adaptation of layouts and designs for print and screen media to the Japanese market

comprehensive services for print media, such as catalogs, brochures, leaflets, documentation, books, etc.

design, creation and proofing of texts and multimedia materials as screen media (online or CD-ROM)

creation of special fonts for Japanese and western characters that otherwise could not be displayed

Japanisch wird anders gesetzt als westliche Alphabete.

Western and Japanese layouts differ in their way of textual highlighting, line spacing, kerning and line breaks, to name just a few. For multilanguage texts, the different baselines of Japanese and western fonts have to be adjusted.

For Japanese text in particular, the selection of the plain text font is crucial to the character of the document. A nice design and layout can be achieved by using complementary fonts.

In addition to a large selection of Japanese and western fonts, JAPANLAYOUT also has the know-how to typeset Japanese and western texts.

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